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The Knowledge College™ for Aging Purpose:

Assisting churches and companies to
“prepare their members and employees to understand and
respond to the needs of seniors”

We ask you to consider a gift to Knowledge College for Aging, a ministry of Seminary Covenant Community, a registered 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. The support we receive from individuals each year helps thousands of vulnerable seniors to secure the help they need to get what we all deserve, quality of life and peace of mind.

Knowledge College ™ for Aging is an empowering resource designed to assist Churches and Companies to prepare their members and employees to understand and respond to the needs of seniors. KCFA is here to assist Churches and Companies in developing meaningful training tools that speak effectively to the older population – it could be aging members directly, or it could be assisting those who are caring for loved ones who are now challenged with aging. KCFA is established by those who have significant experience in this area and who want to share their expertise and advice to enable Churches and Companies to fulfil their role in assisting seniors with Love & Care so that they may age with dignity – to look after widows and orphans in their distress.

Our Theme throughout is predicated on the concept that serving is defined as “meeting people’s needs” – thus we must first discern what those needs might be and then go forth.  The aim, within our Churches and Companies, should be to serve the seniors who are our friends, family, church members, and those who live in our community.   Scripture clearly teaches – we are to take care of widows and orphans, the most vulnerable among us. James 1:27.

It is often said “If you fail to plan, plan on failing.” Aging, clearly and by definition, is an on-the-job training experience and, unfortunately, often, taking the time to learn about issues related to aging, also become “on-the-job” training, and usually precipitated by crisis, for most people.

Knowledge College™ For Aging is a service and an empowering resource dedicated to assisting Churches, Companies and those who care to take a little extra time to get ahead of the aging curve, in terms of learning concepts and ideas, based on professional experience and knowledge, that can help remove bumps in the road.

Knowledge Collegefor Aging Professors



Service Company Contact
Guardian, Case Manager, Rent-A-Son Sentinel Care Robert Dixon, Academic Dean
321 725-6799
Case Management Reps, Inc.  Lisa Hodgins
321 508-9096
Elder Law Widerman Malek resources-directory-profs-images-pptx_03

Scott Dixon
321 255-2332

Elder Placement Soter, LLC resources-directory-profs-images-pptx_04 Troy Denault
321 626-2232
Finance First Wave Financial resources-directory-profs-images-pptx_10 Laura Chiesman
321 773-7773
Medical Sentinel Care resources-directory-profs-images-pptx_14 Sharon Thomas R.N.
321 725-6799
Home Organization Tools
Dementia Education
Family Dynamics
resources-directory-profs-images-pptx_20 Diane Gierling, C.D.P.
321 794-0003
Realtor Berkshire Hathaway Nancy Taylor
321 543-7621

Knowledge Collegefor Aging Guest Professors



Service Company Contact
In-Home Care Giving Visiting Home Care Dana Venditti
321 574-1622
Music Therapy Music Through Melodies  Jodie Williams - Music TherapyJodie Williams
321 298-1151